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First of all, this Riku is from a short-lived game that was known as Black Dreams Eternal. The game's main differences from Kingdom Hearts canon were that the Kingdom Hearts 1 portion of the game took 3-4 years instead of the couple of months it likely took and Roxas and Sora did not merge prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts 2.

*The following portion (CoM-Days) was not part of the game's backstory, just my own thoughts regarding events in games that didn't exist when the game started and ended and how they affect the Riku I'm playing*

Chain of Memories did not change much, except that Riku faced a Replica that was much stronger and while he won, the Replica did not die--at least right away. Riku has no idea what's happened to him.

Days stayed pretty much the same.

*End of my added backstory.*


Age: 19

Physical description: Ridiculously pale for someone who claims to come from a tropical island. Silvery-white hair cut into messy layers that hangs a couple inches past his shoulder blades in the back and almost obscures his eyes in the front. He's noticably taller and less muscular than his canon counterpart is. His eyes, when not covered by the black blindfold he normally wears, are dark yellow/gold.

He does own normal clothes, but out of habit he wears the Organization coat he's been 'borrowing' for the past year. Underneath the coat he wears black pants, black sneakers, and either a t-shirt or a sleeveless zip-up vest. Sometimes no shirt if he's particularly lazy.

Personality: The main difference between this Riku and canon pre-KH2 Riku's personalities is that this Riku spent more time as host to Ansem/Xehanort's Heartless than he did and is more paranoid that history will repeat itself if he's not very careful. He's become very cautious as well, preferring to fight primarily enemies that he can beat with his strength alone, preferring not to rely on darkness any more than he absolutely has to.

Abilities: Riku is almost equally light and dark. In the months between the events of Chain of Memories and KH2 (during Days), he learned some light abilities to counteract the dark abilities he already had in his arsenal. He's still more skilled at manipulating darkness, though (read: He fails at them most of the time, especially if he's nervous). Currently, he still has his Soul Eater sword. His primary attacks are Dark Firaga, Dark Raid (think Strike Raid with more darkness), Dark Shield, and a slightly weaker shield made of light.

Riku can detect and identify people by smell, both by personal scent and darkness signature. This ability only works if a person is in the same general area as he is (same room, etc.) and thus has a fairly small range.


Kingdom Hearts 1

- KH 1 starts - islands destroyed, everyone separated, Sora ends up in Traverse Town and finds the Disney crew, Kairi ends up wherever, and Riku ends up in Hollow Bastion and is recruited by Maleficent.

- Sora and co travel to various worlds, alternate canon still matches normal canon

- At one point, alternate canon takes a detour when Sora’s ship loses part of a wing after a fight with a Heartless ship and has to backtrack to Traverse Town. Days are spent repairing the ship. The group is delayed once again when they encounter Monstro a second time and are forced to go way around him to get to their next destination.

- More time is spent in Agrabah because Jasmine eludes capture longer

- Sora spends more time in Christmas Town because playing in the snow becomes more important than saving the worlds, and he needed a break.

- More backtracking to Traverse Town is done for repairs and upgrades to the ship.

- Alternate canon proceeds pretty much the same after this, same worlds, not much change.

- Alternate canon diverges greatly from normal canon once Sora and co. reach Hollow Bastion. Ansem doesn’t possess Riku until after he fights Sora still, but he doesn’t take control over his body yet.

- Riku meets Sora again, challenging him to another fight. Sora wins, and Riku flees again, confronting Ansem about his abilities.

- Sora and co. fight Maleficent, and win. Ansem takes control over Riku’s body. Maleficent is turned into a dragon, they fight her again, and win again. The group encounters the possessed Riku and he and Sora fight. Sora wins this fight as well, commits suicide via keyblade, and Ansem appears as himself to terrorize everyone. Riku steals enough control to stop Ansem temporarily, but instead of being kicked from his body, Ansem decides to keep him locked up instead.

- Instead of fleeing the Castle right away, Sora and co. attempt to free the other Princesses. It doesn’t work, and they’re forced to leave them.

- Sora and Kairi return to Traverse Town.

- Sora returns to Hollow Bastion, but finds it completely overrun with Heartless and difficult to get into. He finds the Princesses awake and trying to hold back the Heartless, barely succeeding. Leon’s group arrives and encourages the Princesses to leave the castle.

- A barrier goes up around Hollow Bastion that allows Heartless out but no one in, and stays up for a number of months. Cid tries to work out a way to get through the barrier and Sora and co. decide to return the the Princesses whose worlds haven’t been destroyed to those worlds. (Jasmine and Alice)

- Barrier goes down. Sora and co. attempt to get inside, and manage to make a dent in the still-large Heartless population, but are forced to retreat.

- Upon returning to Traverse Town, Sora finds that Ansem has visited and attacked it. Part of the Third District is completely destroyed, and much of the second district is torn up as well. However, Ansem has left.

- Ansem visits other worlds, destroying at least one and tearing up various others. Sora tries to follow, but keeps just missing him every time.

- Sora confronts Ansem at Hollow Bastion and fights him a couple times, before Ansem tries to open Kingdom Hearts. He’s drowned by light (as in normal canon), and alternate canon proceeds pretty much as normal canon does. Riku is given back his body, but this time when he helps close the door, he tries to hide behind is as much as he possibly can. He doesn’t want to see Sora.

Chain of Memories

- Pretty much the same, only Riku loses his last fight with Repliku. However, Repliku is severely weakened and instead of trying to kill Riku, flees instead.

- Ansem tries to possess Riku again, but is rebuffed by Mickey. Mickey helps Riku create a sort of cage for Ansem after Riku refuses Namine’s offer, to keep him from coming back. Riku asks Mickey to teach him some Light spells, and Mickey agrees

- pretty much the same, no big changes

Kingdom Hearts 2

- Riku retains his normal form. As a result of the cage, Ansem can’t get out unless Riku is severely weakened or Riku voluntarily breaks the cage. Because of the prolonged possession, Riku’s eyes have become permanently gold.

- Riku wears a blindfold for three reasons: 1) It reminds him not to use too much Darkness and let Ansem out, 2) It hides his eyes and 3) He’s become used to it and it’s become something of a safety blanket

-Roxas and Sora never merge. Roxas manages to escape the simulated Twilight Town, but Sora does manage to wake up. Roxas is pissed at DiZ for what he did, and wants revenge for it, but he also wants to find Axel since he doesn't believe Axel is gone.

~Riku is afraid to meet his universe's Sora. He said and did some things that he regrets.

~Also, he and his universe's Roxas don't get along. Something about stalking and Roxas not being Sora.

~Riku enters the DR on the way to retrieve Roxas for DiZ.

Edited because I can't timeline well. Also because I can't description well.


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